All About Toastmasters

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colorado, the organization's membership is approximately 280,000 in more than 14,700 clubs in 144 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.







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Break Barriers, Not Your Budget

Members pay international dues of $60 USD every six months, plus a new member fee of $20 USD. With Toastmasters, the learning never stops. Join Toastmasters and you will:

Icon of a person practicing their public speaking behind a podium Improve your public speaking skills
Icon of a person running up a line graph Build leadership skills
Icon of a person standing on a podium with confetti falling around them Maximize your potential

Icon of a person building a pyramid Enjoy unlimited personal growth
Icon of a person with three small headshots next to them Work on networking in a small and supportive environment
Icon of a speech resting on a podium Practice writing speeches and presenting in a group setting
Icon of a person holding up a positive sloping graph Gain a competitive advantage in the workplace
Icon of a magnifying glass next to a person Build self-confidence and self-awareness

How Does Toastmasters Work?

Everything in Toastmasters revolves around the club. With a global network of clubs, you are sure to find one near you! Most clubs have around 20 members and meet once a week for an hour. For a preview of what the club experience is like, watch the video below:


Each club features a unique culture, so there's no pressure to join the first club you visit! Attending club meetings as a guest is free, so visit as many as you like until you find a club that fits your personality.

What is Pathways?

The Pathways learning experience is Toastmasters' education program. This multi-language online learning tool allows you to leverage over 300 practical workplace skills, including:

				Icon of a checklist on a clipboard with a pen next to it

Interview Preparation

				Icon of a person on a laptop screen with lines connecting to three other people

Online Meeting Management

				Icon of a person running up a line graph

Leadership Development

				Icon of a person holding a briefcase with a clock behind them

Project Management

				Icon of two shaking hands

Conflict Resolution

Are You Ready to Join?

After you find a club that you like, joining is easy. When you join, you will be assigned a mentor, who will be there to answer any questions you have and help guide you on your journey to personal and professional growth.